Gary Willmott

๐Ÿš€ I like to make and break stuff on the internet

๐Ÿ““ About

Hi I'm Gary Willmott ๐Ÿ‘‹I'm a curious, optimistic product guy who used to code when the average browser resolution was 640x480.Renowned as a resourceful product manager with a demonstrated history of success in the tech industry, I have a reputation for orchestrating cohesive and efficient teams to deliver exceptional digital products that captivate customers. With more than 15 years of experience spanning both established corporate organizations and the launch of my own startup, my career highlights include:- Spearheading the introduction of a groundbreaking product at GoDaddy, which bolstered their influence within the social-first entrepreneur community.- Consulting at The Delta, where I played a pivotal role in investing in and advising founders as they honed and validated their startup concepts.- Pioneering my own SaaS HR startup, named Hi5, which has attracted over 4,000 customers and continues to operate profitably to this day.I am currently at Startup in Stealth, focusing on human transformation through Ai first technology

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๐Ÿคน๐Ÿป Skills

  • Conducting customer interviews and user testing.

  • User experience and wireframe design

  • Running design sprints

  • Feature prioritization and roadmap planning

  • Resource allocation planning

  • Performing market assessments

  • Translating business-to-technical requirements, and vice versa

  • Pricing and revenue modeling

  • Defining and tracking success metrics

  • NoCode development for early stage product validation

๐Ÿ™ Praises

Gary is the rare product leader who is relentlessly focused on the customer while also giving himself and others space to innovate and try new things. On day one, he stepped into a very challenging project that had seen a lot of recent turnover and was able to rally the team together around a shared vision. Gary always makes sure that every voice is heard, and he excels at coordinating the moving pieces required to consistently ship value to customers. As a research lead working with Gary, I always knew that customer feedback would be incorporated thoughtfully into every step.
Patrick Ward - Lead Researcher GoDaddy & Buffer
I worked with Gary on launching Social Site at GoDaddy. His tenacity to keep the team on track and launch the product was admirable. Even with all the dependencies on marketing and engineering, he steered the ship successfully to launch the product. He is laser focused on the customer experience and needs, and that always shows in his work, whether it is ideating on the next iteration or fine tuning the existing user flow. He doesn't let processes come in his way, and always finds a way to speed up the process, work around them, or suggest new ways to ensure the launch happen in full!
Raghu Prabhu - Product Marketing at GoDaddy
I have had the pleasure of working with Gary as a leading start-up founder, during this time I have always been amazed at his level of enthusiasm, dedication and positive attitude towards solving everyday problems through building world class software. Gary's understanding of the product management lifecycle, the challenges in writing code, and the importance of UI/UX make him an outstanding product manager. I am excited to watch him grow from strength to strength during this exciting time of emerging technologies.
Ryan Paterson - Investor and Advisor